Hey, what’s up? You like red wine, yeah? Even though it kinda tastes like liquid wood?

Even though it’s traditionally made by a bunch of people crushing grapes with their stinky feet?

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All right, so maybe I’m not a wine aficionado. Maybe I kind of hate the stuff and would rather have a Colt .45 or Natty Daddy any day of the week, but I understand that’s not a normal reaction and most people do like wine.

And for those who do enjoy it, there is an elegant, super-pimp wine Tap that Williams Sonoma offers that’s just incredible.

It also has a really cool name: Plum.

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The machine fits two bottles of wine and packs motorized needles that’ll pierce into any type of cork. It pressurizes the bottle with argon gas, which helps keep oxygen out of the bottle, which means that opening a bottle doesn’t mean you need to finish it within a certain amount of time. You can keep it in the Plum for as long as you like and it’ll be like sipping from a freshly opened bottle every time.

What’s even cooler is that the inside of the Plum is outfitted with cameras that can identify over 6 million different wine labels. It uses this information to chill the specific suggested temperature for each bottle of wine. Because it’s connected to WiFi it can constantly update its wine database. External screens display the wines you have loaded in your Plum, and you can also cycle through your previous drinking history to track what your vino go-tos are.


You can customize the size of your drink as well, from a tasting of the wine to an entire glass. If you’re enticed by this bad boy, know that it comes with a price: $1,500 to be exact.

If you really, really love wine, but don’t have the kind of money to drop on a Plum, you can try a low cost wine aerator. Sure, it might not make your wine taste as good as a Plum or have as many fancy features, but it’s still pretty darn cool.


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