The only thing worse than drinking wine is drinking room temperature wine. I know, I’m a vocal wine hater, I don’t get why people like the stuff, it just tastes like liquid wood and is full of sugar. I prefer my wine of the Mexican variety.

When your kids ‘get’ you! #tequilashots #harrypotter

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It’s also known as tequila.

But if you’re a normal person with normal tastes who enjoys drinking wine with meals or sitting on the couch and watching some basic-ass romantic comedies that somehow got popular (I’m a hater, please bear with me), then you’re going to want to know this wine chilling hack.


-Bottle of wine that’s not chilled.

-Paper Towels.


-Hands or any handlike apparatus you’re proficient with.


Now you need to wet the paper towels until they’re good and damp and then wrap your entire bottle of wine with them. Stick that bad boy in the freezer for seven minutes and then take it out.

Now it might seem like a simple enough hack, and it is but there are a few things for you to consider.

First is bottle size. You’ll notice that in this tutorial below:

She’s using a liter bottle of wine, that takes about 14-20 minutes before getting nice and cold. A 750 ml bottle (standard size) will only take about 7-10 minutes to get good and chilled depending on how powerful your freezer is.

There are other ways to chill a bottle of wine as well, like the old tried and true ice bath method.


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Whether you jam that bad boy in a small tub of ice or you have one of these handy dandy waterproof wine ice bags, you’ll be good to go with them in no time.

And if you’re a wine snob but don’t feel like taking on a second job to support your habit of slurping down the good stuff, you might want to check out this Brewmaster’s review of cheapo wines to get his favorite bottom barrel fermented grape beverage.

I’d much rather suck on a Colt 45 or some mezcal any day of the week, personally.

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