The thought of eating a pre-packed, ready-to-go food on Thanksgiving is kind of depressing.

Imagine sitting down at a table all alone and chowing down on one of these bad boys during Turkey day.

It’s not the ideal scenario, but it’s better than nothing, right? For whatever good reason, sometimes life just doesn’t allow us to gather around a table and enjoy a home-cooked meal during Thanksgiving. So you have to go the prepared route.

But not all prepared, packaged foods are created equal. Any trip to Trader Joe’s will show you that. I mean have you ever had their cauliflower pizza crust? It has no business being that good.

Thankfully, the reasonably-priced organic grocer decided take its hand at offering a full Thanksgiving meal that doesn’t require you to take two days off work to prepare. And get this:

It only costs $13.

The Turkey & Stuffing En Croute might not look like a traditional thanksgiving dinner, but that’s why it’s able to be so good and pack all of your favorite holiday flavors into one delicious package.

It’s more of a Beef-Wellington-Esque construction, and Trader Joe’s description of the sure-to-be holiday hit is mouth-watering:

Our Turkey & Stuffing en Croute is just like beef wellington, but not.

Flavorful turkey tenderloin and sweet cornbread stuffing are hand rolled into flaky, buttery puff pastry. A sprinkling of herbes de Provence on top of the pastry adds an elegant touch. Serve it with the included turkey gravy and cranberry sauce, and perhaps a scoop of Mashed Sweet Potatoes, for a joyous meal that leaves nary a Thanksgiving essential behind.

Now Trader Joe’s might be one of the first major supermarkets offering their own en croute that’s Thanksgiving themed, especially such a hefty one (40 oz.) for a super low price. But the idea of making an en croute packed with turkey for a holiday isn’t exactly a new thing.

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If you’re planning on picking up one of these from your local Trader Joe’s, just remember that the pie comes separate, so you’ll have to be packing that yourself.

But it’s very, very possible to have a nice Thanksgiving meal for 4 for under $20, including dessert.

Check out the full ingredients list and Trader Joe’s post about its latest offering here.

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