Thanksgiving, more than other holidays is all about the food. In fact you’re almost expected to overindulge and eat until your pants become uncomfortably tight.

There’s a reason why #ThanksgivingComa is a thing on social media.

And #ThanksgivingBelly.

The struggle is real #beband #thanksgivingbelly

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We all know we’re going to eat way too much the second that plate of sweet mashed potatoes with marshmallows comes sauntering by, so you need to plan accordingly.

You could do what I do, which is wear overly baggy pants. Or you can opt for Stove Top’s solution.

Custom Thanksgiving pants with an expandable belly band.

So the parody infomercial might not be entirely serious, but these hilarious pants are the real deal, and they can be yours for $19.98.

The inner pockets are lined with a stuffing pattern, as is the expandable elastic band on the pants. All of this on a not-so-subtle maroon design and you’ve got yourself one of the most hilarious novelty items for Thanksgiving that actually serve a purpose for the gluttonous affair.

The ridiculous (more like ridiculously awesome, amirite?) pants quickly became the toast of Twitter.

While others thought they looked strangely familiar.

Fun for the whole family, I guess?

If you’re seriously considering picking up these bad boys, all you need to do is head over to and order yourself a sweet pair.

Now don’t be like me and wear these on days that aren’t Thanksgiving, just so you can have an excuse to engorge yourself, which I’m totally not (am) going to do.

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