You can always count on coffee giant Starbucks to bring the heat in the form of new sugary beverages everytime a holiday approaches.

Remember the Zombie frap?

Or the winter-solstice-tree-looking Christmas Tree Frap?

These are all very festively themed cups of diabetes and very appropriate for the holidays that they represent, but what about New Year’s Eve? How would Starbucks put together new drinks to celebrate the ushering in of a new set of 12 months?

I can’t imagine that champagne would be a very cheap ingredient for mass-frap production at all of Starbucks’ chains.

Although a boozy coffee beverage certainly has its allure, the mermaid-rocking franchise has opted to instead release a “Black and White” collection of drinks.

There’s the Black and White Mocha, the Black and White Hot Cocoa, and the Black and White Frappucino.

First off, the Mocha: it packs Starbucks’ espresso roast which is then poured onto a “silky swirl of white chocolate and dark mocha.” Steamed milk is then poured into the cup along with whipped cream and chocolate “sequins”, fancy, we know, but you want to start the new year out with some class, don’t you?


The Black and White Hot Cocoa married white chocolate sauce, dark mocha sauce and steamed milk with the same chocolate sequins.

The Frap’s basically a frozen version of the hot cocoa, only with caffeine.

If these sound like your jam, then you’ll be able to start slurping them down from now well into the New Year. Sounds like the perfect post New Year’s celebration morning pick-me-up.

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