Since I didn’t grow up on a farm in the ’30s, I never gulped down a cup of warm milk to help me get to bed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know about that age-old remedy for sleeplessness.

Apparently there’s been a global rise in insomnia, so either these people haven’t heard of the warm milk solution, are lactose intolerant, or, a cup of frothy animal-nipple juice doesn’t really help you go beddy-byes, experts be damned.

But let’s say you’re having difficulty getting some rest, which is greatly affecting your daily routine, what are you supposed to do? You can take medication, like ambien, but sleeping pills tend to come with a slew of unsavory side effects.

What if there was a natural, yummy tasting potion that could help you nap better than ever before? Surely that’d tickle you and most other people’s fancies, correct?

Well that’s exactly what Sleep Well promises with its deliciously sweet sleepy milk.

New – The Sleep Well Milk Drink contains valerian herb to help you relax. Positioned as a new drink to aid travelers when it comes to relax and sleep, the beverage is infused with the natural herb that has naturally relaxing qualities when consumed. It's best enjoyed about 30 minutes prior to getting into bed to help you relax and unwind 😊❤👍 Novo – A marca The Sleep Well Milk Drink contem valeriana para ajudar voce relaxar. Posicionado como uma bebida para ajudar viajantes a relaxar e dormir, a bebida tem uma infusao da erva natural que possui propriedades relaxantes quando consumidas. Tomar 30 minutos antes de dormir. Ajudara a relaxar e diminuir o estresse * * @sleepwellmilk #sleepwellmilk #wellness #milk #nighttime #nighttimeroutine #wellnesswednesday #balance #sleepwell #durmabem #nutricao #drink #drinking #bebida #travel #travelling #viajando #yummy #healthychoices #herbal #drinkhealthy #stayinspired #healthygoals #saudavel #novidades #bemestar #lifestyle #estilodevida #travelers #goodnight

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Using milk from Jersey cows, and we’re talking the British Island of Jersey, not New York’s pants here, Sleep Well packs their containers with high quality milk that’s supposedly more protein, calcium, and mineral dense when compared to standard milk.

Honey, vanilla are added to sweeten the milk, as well as the rest-inducing ingredient: valerian root.

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Valerian has been used to help treat sleep disorders for a long, long time, and, if you’re a huge fan of Fight Club, Edward Norton’s character’s doctor even tells him to chew on some when he complains about his insomnia.

Sleep Well’s co-founder Sam Watts gave the skinny on his yawn formula with FoodBev Media.

“We’ve created a natural solution to a very modern and common problem. We all know it’s really important to make time to relax and calm your body and mind as part of preparing to get a great night’s sleep. We recognize the many benefits that result from getting a great night’s sleep. It makes such a big difference to how you feel and what you can achieve every day—whether you are on holiday or traveling with work.”

So how well does it work?

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Well, like most anything that promises results, people’s reactions vary. Some users report that Sleep Well is working wonders, while others claim it didn’t help their insomnia at all. I guess it all depends on whether or not valerian root does anything for you.

If you want to try it out, you could purchase some through the company’s web site here, but you might want to make sure valerian root works for your insomnia before attempting to use Sleep Well as a sleep aid. The added benefit though, is that you get a delicious milk drink to go with it. So there’s that.

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