I, like many people on this Green Earth, love drinking coffee. It could be a variety of different kinds. From the hipster almond-milk lattes I pick up from my local cool coffee shop, complete with people mashing away at $2k Macbooks on useless drivel that shamelessly indulges their unhealthy delusions, or a a simple cup of my own french-pressed goodness from some beans I scooped up at Trader Joe’s: I love me some coffee.

And, also like many people, I’m always looking of new an inventive ways of enjoying the things I already enjoy even more. But how do you significantly change the way someone slurps down a cup of jo? I mean sure, you’ve got the coffee-infused doughnuts of the world, and they look delicious.

But that’s only does something for your tastebuds. I’m talking about an existential coffee drinking experience. I’m talking about doing something as mind-bending and crazy as drinking your own face. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Well you can now, thanks to the Selfieccino.

Poularized by the Tea Terrace in London, Selfieccinos have digitally printed brown-dust, flavorless food coloring imposed on cups of coffees so visitors can have a perfectly Instagrammable moment for their photo feed.

And if you think I’m joking, that’s seriously the main reason why the Tea Terrace decided to hook ‘The Cino’ (the digital printer) to its coffee machines to make the foam facsimiles.

Ehab Shalem Shouly, founder of the Tea Terrance said in an interview with Reuters:

“Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted…It’s not enough anymore to just deliver great food and great service—it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”

According to Shouly, the business plan is working overtime. The Selfieccino system hasn’t even been in his store over a week and he’s already sold hundreds of the beverages – he also plans on putting additional machines in his two other locations. At $7.50 a cup, he should recoup whatever he spent on the Cino printer and start turning a profit in no time.

Shouly didn’t come up with the idea of printing Selfies on Milk Froth: the tech debuted back in 2015. He did come up with the #Selfieccino name, a hashtag on Instagram that’s quickly growing.

If you’re wondering what the actual coffee tastes like at the Tea Terrace, I unfortunately haven’t been there myself, but if you check out its Trip Advisor reviews it’s an above-average experience overall. Looking at pictures of the place, it looks like a cool spot to hang out with a cup of coffee that has your face on it, too.

Are you interested in drinking your own face?

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