December 5th is National Comfort food day, so I could show you a bunch of tempting pictures of decadent comfort foods like this.

And while each of these meals looks absolutely amazing, December 5th is also a very important day in food history: prohibition was repealed in America.

Thanks to a swooping epidemic of religious revivalism in America that began early on in the 1820s and 30s, the temperance movement grew larger and larger in some parts of the country. Massachusetts for example prohibited the sales of booze in less than 15-gallon quantities, but that didn’t last very long.

As social movements go, there was a steadily increasing demographic of Christian extremists in the country who were all about banning alcohol, which continued to grow up until 1917. President Woodrow Wilson instituted a temporary wartime prohibition to save grain stores for World War I soldiers.

The same year, Congress submitted the 18th amendment: The National Prohibition Act, which forbade the sale of alcohol all over the country. It went into effect in October of 1919. Booze was illegal and people were understandably pissed.

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Criminal activity skyrocketed as a result, illegal speakeasy bars, transportation of homemade grain-alcohol, and “bootlegging” became a huge business for many Americans: from tiny mom-and-pop organizations to ginormous crime operations, people were making money off of booze.

So once the Great Depression hit and a new President was set to take the helm, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was able to handily win off the campaign promise to repeal prohibition.

More tax revenue for the government and people were now legally allowed to drown their sorrows. The public was ecstatic and the country’s economy was certainly helped as a result.

So to celebrate this historic day, here are five gin cocktails to sip on as you thank your lucky stars you weren’t alive during the Prohibition years. Why gin, you ask? Well, it was one of the predominantly bootlegged boozes during the era of prohibition, so there’s no spirit more fitting for this list.





We love a good, hot Australian Christmas, but we wish it would get super cold just once so we could enjoy all the wonderful hot Christmas cocktails we see from our friends across the globe. Luckily, there is always an alternative and we are making it our mission this Christmas to bring you all the summer cocktails incorporating the Christmasey flavours you know and love, with Gin or Whisky. –
First up – Summer/Winter G&T. Mix up your normal G&T using Apothecary Gin and tonic water (actually we recommend @sinkonah in particular for this one) and a dash of nutmeg and stir. Plonk some ice, star anise, cinnamon sticks and an orange slice or two and you’ve got yourself a Chrismtas cocktail! – 📷 @fein_und_fabelhaft

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Happy End of Prohibition Day. Remember, drink responsibly and there’s no need to look over your shoulder while you slam down your beverage in the fear that the cops are going to come and bust up the joint at any moment.

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