Let’s say you love Pringles. Let’s say you also love Thanksgiving.

Now let’s say you want to have Pringles on Thanksgiving but you can’t because you don’t want disappointed looks from your Aunt who slaved for two days putting together a spread that can only be described as glorious.

So what’s a Pringles and Thanksgiving-loving individual to do come this Turkey day? Well, why not bust out this special edition Thanksgiving Pringles pack?

Yep you’re seeing that right, it’s all the flavors you’re used to on Thanksgiving, just in Pringles form.

If you flip the box over there’s a nice little rubric that tells you which chip is what, and according to the peeps over at Extra Crispy, they’re all pretty spot on.


According to them, Turkey was the best one in the box, as was stuffing and mashed potato. Some of the other flavors, although faithful to the foods they were trying to recreate, weren’t exactly pleasurable eating experiences.

But then again, what do you expect from a potato chip trying to mimic the natural flavors of a huge Holiday feast?


The best part of the chips are the flavor pairings that you can make by combining chips. Thankfully, Pringles offered a handy dandy guide on how to combine the crisps for some unique little snack stacks.

Want it to taste like a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich? How about a sweet flavor profile? Pringles has got some ideas for you.


This isn’t the first time the chip brand has ventured in Thanksgiving territory.

Who could forget the ill-received Pecan Pie and Cinnamon & Sugar Pringles flavors?


The “complete” Thanksgiving meal Pringles aren’t available in retail stores, unfortunately. But the fact that Pringles is testing it out does give hope that they might make it a permanent staple for future Thanksgivings.

So hopefully if it gets enough buzz, you might be able to try out this novelty for in November 2018.

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