My wife craves chocolate pretty much all the time, but her addiction goes into overdrive whenever she has her period.

I can’t pretend to know, nor do I ever want to know, what having a period feels like, (I’ve seen women suffer through some pretty bad cramps and I’m not all that jealous to be honest) but I do know what it’s like to lust after an especially fudgy, gooey brownie.

So if I did menstruate, I’d probably reach for one of these special brownies baked by the Moon Cycle Bakery in Olympia, Washington.

Hazelnuts remind me of my parents — they used to drink their coffee with hazelnut creamer when I was a kid and the smell would linger in the kitchen on weekend mornings. It reminded me of home and that deep feeling of comfort that only your childhood can render. It reminded me that it was the weekend, which meant that we had two full days to spend together aka a dream come true. So, when Well + Good @iamwellandgood asked me to share a recipe that made me feel cozy, happy and had ingredients that can help support our bodies during PMS, I knew I wanted to create something with Hazelnuts (hello, Boron :)) Get ready to make and devour these gluten-free, hazelnut brownies (with a side of golden milk — I'm looking at you @live24k ;)) and make sure to tag us if you try these babies out! (link in bio) Sending you all the grounded, earthy, cacao-infused vibes. Love your nutty friend, @mamadwildling

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The bakery’s tasty treats are crafted to help ease the pain of period cramps with simultaneously satisfying your sweet tooth.

Plus the bakery claims all of their treats are made with the finest, cleanest ingredients and pack plenty of organic, vegan, and gluten free options too. So that means you get to cave into your menstrual food cravings without feeling so guilty about it.

Oh, and brownies aren’t the only ‘period’ sweets the bakery offers. They’ve also got these amazing-looking donuts on deck, too.

You can check out the bakery’s entire selection here. Even though I don’t menstruate, I still want to try some of these out, they look absolutely delicious. If you dig around the website you might be able to find out just what makes them help your time of the month.

Or you could just make your own I guess by crushing up a bunch of midol into some store-bought Ghiradelli mix. On second though, don’t do that.

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