Oreo’s been known to push the envelope with its flavors. Sometimes, it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.

Like you’d probably never think to make a Gingerbread flavor Oreo cookie. The two cookies exist in their own cookie worlds that should never intersect. But they’re actually pretty darn delicious.

But abominations like the Swedish Fish Oreos cannot be forgotten, either.

And hot off the heels of discovering the secret flavor identity behind Mystery Oreos, Nabisco’s decided to drop a new flavor bomb shell for fans of its famous sandwich creme cookies.

3 new varieties will debut in 2018 and two of them are based off of iconic beverages.

Nabisco came to create these three flavors after launching the #MyOreoCreation contest in which they received hundreds of thousands of submissions. And the winners are…


Pina Colada, Cherry Cola, and Kettle Corn, which will all hit shelves in May of 2018.

The Pina Colada ones will have a coconut creme filling combined with a golden oreo biscuit, which should be easy enough to imagine on your tastebuds. The Kettle corn cookies will have small pieces of corn puffs in them that’ll emulate eating popcorn. Expect them to have a bit of caramel flavoring in the cream as well.

The Cherry Cola variant takes cues from the popular fireworks Oreos that roll around the summer time. Inside the creme as bits of candy similar to pop rocks that fizz in your mouth to emulate drinking soda. There’s also cherry-flavored red filling ying-and-yanging with the traditional Oreo white creme we’ve been scarfing down for all these years.

In addition to these new flavors hitting the market, Oreo’s announced that they’re bringing back some seasonal favorites as well as other, less popular flavors.

Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos are hitting shelves on January 1!

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Chocolate Hazelnuet’s making a comeback. Imagine Nutella Oreos. Yes, you’re welcome.

Peeps Oreos will be returning this year as well, this time with a chocolate biscuit. Hopefully they’ve solved the problem of these things turning your tongue and poop pink.

Fireworks Oreos will be arriving for next summer as well.

And if you’re a fan of Cinnamon being in foods it has no business of being in, then you’ll be happy to hear about Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos in the new year.

The Oreo contest isn’t over, Kettle Corn, Pina Colada, and Cherry Cola will battle it out and Oreo loves will vote on their favorite. Whichever of the three flavors receives the most votes will nab a $500,000 grand prize.

Which one of them are you most excited to try?

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