When it comes to deliciously feel-good chocolatey desserts, you can never go wrong with a brownie. They’re easy and cheap as hell to make. They’re extremely satisfying, and are  the perfect texture to indulge your most decadent of sweet-tooth cravings. Plus, they’re the perfect food to mask the flavor of weed or magic mushrooms in, so if you’re into that sort of thing, then the brownie is your best friend when it comes to edible inebriation.

One of the best things about brownies, too, is how gosh darn edible they are. You can eat them warm (which is objectively the best way to eat them).

Or you can dress those same warm brownies up with some cold vanilla ice cream.


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Heck, you can even get bits of them and put them inside your ice cream.

There’s just so many ways you can go with this dessert staple. Here are some of the cooler things you can do with brownies that don’t require any advanced culinary skills or kitchen equipment to put a twist on the classic recipe.

1. Bake peanut butter cup pieces right into them.


You could just add peanut butter to your brownie batter mix, but adding that much fat, oil, and protein to the concoction may change the construction or your brownies and your’ll have to adjust your recipe accordingly. You can either jam these things while your brownies are cooling off or throw a few pieces in right before baking. They might not come out as pretty as these, but they’ll taste hella good.

2. Brookies.


Part cookie, part brownie, all delicious.

3. White chocolate and raspberry.


They might not sound like they go together, but oh boy, do they ever. You can either use plain cocoa, dark cocoa, or white chocolate baking mix in this provided recipe.

4. Cheesecake brownies.


Yes, yes, and yes.

5. Sweet and salty brownies.


Sea salt caramel and chocolate? You basically make  these by packing a salted caramel core in the center of the brownie and then finish them off by drizzling a bit on top. Ridiculously decadent. Ridiculously delicious. You’re welcome.

I know, I know, these all look pretty darn amazing. Which one of them is your favorite? Or maybe there are some other brownie tricks up your sleeve that aren’t on this list. If so, let us know!

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