Either everything in the world has a pair of secret nipples, or scientists are coming up with cleverer and cleverer ways of deriving milk from just about any food.

And sure, the idea of drinking “milk” that’s not really milk might be gross to some, but then again, think about it: human beings are the only animals that’ll drink the milk of another animal long after they’re matured into adulthood. It’s kind of weird.

Plus there are tons of individuals that are lactose intolerant to boot. I know if I have a little bit of milk my stomach gets very, very angry with me. So for the most part, I have to pick a “nerd” milk substitute beverage. My go-to? Kirkland Almond Milk.

It’s organic, has a great consistency, and doesn’t need to be refrigerated until it’s opened. How can you go wrong?

But if you like your milky beverages with some protein and a little more sustenance than the slim formulas of major nut brands, then you really don’t have that many options, especially if you’re vegan.

Unless, the idea of drinking pea milk appeals to you.

Ripple is a company that’s betting you’ll love the taste of their pea milk, and a lot of other businesses are betting you will too. Ripple’s managed to secure some $110 million in funding for its legume-based beverage and for good reason: they’re moving product.

You might not really be familiar with Ripple Foods but they’re making quite the name for themselves in some major retailers: Whole Foods and Target, for example, are putting their products on store shelves.

They offer a variety of different pea milk flavors and a tasty greek yogurt alternative – all of them dairy free.

The health macros on Ripple’s pea milk are also pretty impressive, as well:


So who’s dumping money into Ripple? Tons of big time investors, including two that you may have heard of: Google and Goldman Sachs. The founders of Ripple, Adam Lowry and Neil Renninger, seem like wholly passionate and competent individuals who’ve really put a ton of work into perfecting their pea-milk – check out their story here.

There are tons of other milk substitutes out there: almond, soy, cashew, quinoa, hemp, oat, rice, coconut – there’s even a guide on how to make “milk” out of pretty much anything. So it’s only natural that someone came up with making them out of a protein-packed superfood like peas.

Would you be down to try pea-milk? Or do you prefer yours to come from the nipple of another animal?

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