There are some people who are so dependent on their morning cup of coffee that they won’t talk to anyone or do anything before they’ve had it.

But what if our commuter vehicles embodied the same, coffee-diva attitude and refused to run unless they had their cup of jo?

Well that might be a possibility for a huge chunk of London’s public transportation system in the future. That’s because England’s capitol city will soon make its Double-Decker buses literally run on coffee.


Transport for London is working with Bio-Bean, Shell and Argent energy to come up with a clean, biofuel solution known as B20.

One of B20’s main ingredients? Recycled coffee beans. The coolest part is that London’s buses don’t require any modifications to run on the eco-friendly alternative.

Bio-Bean’s currently got enough of its coffee-powered fuel to keep a single double-decker running for a year. But if they get the go ahead, it’s not like they’re going to have any trouble finding used coffee grounds to make the fuel.


Londoners consume an estimated 20 million cups of coffee per year, leaving over 200,000 tons of coffee grounds in that time. Biobean can currently only refine 50,000 tons of coffee in a 12-month span.

In addition to the electric double-deckers that’ll be touring the streets of London, the home of Big Ben looks like it’ll be not only be emissions-free, but commuters will get to experience the blissful aroma of of freshly made coffee while on their way to work. (h/t extracripsy)

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