Leonard DiCaprio is a pretty incredible actor. For years people couldn’t believe the man was denied an Oscar and when he finally got it for The Revenant, the general consensus was “finally”.

What a lot of people don’t know about Leo is that he’s not just making bank off of his movie roles, but also his smart investments.

Ever hear of Casper mattresses? Leo and fellow star, who happens to be a lifelong friend, Tobey Maguire, invested in the the bedding company and made millions.

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The actor’s investment portfolio is filled with success stories, I mean, why wouldn’t the guy make his money work for him?

So if Leo’s dumping his cash into something, there’s a good chance he’s done a significant amount of research behind it before taking the plunge. Which is good news for anyone who’s rooting for Vegan burger brand Beyond Meat.

The company might sound like just another veggie burger, but it’s anything but. Beyond Meat has an interesting approach to how it makes its plant-based burgers. Focusing on texture before flavor, they’re the closest thing to eating real beef and in many ways, are a much better alternative.

They’re cheaper to manufacture, and go through a very involved process of restructuring the composition of plant cells to more closely resemble the genetic structure of beef. The scientists behind Beyond Meat can control every aspect of the Beyond Meat patties, as well, which results in “beef” that is healthier and more nutritious than commercially available standard patties.

They’ve fortified their formula with vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids, something that’s not naturally found in beef. Since it’s plant-based protein technically, it’s easier to digest and not to mention a way more sustainable protein source.

If manufactured at a larger scale, it could be way cheaper and easier to produce than the industry standard mass-cattle production models major meat companies currently employ.

Thoughts on this? _ If you currently eat #Meat, would you consider stopping to eat this instead? I’ve personally never tried a @BeyondMeat burger and have no desire to do so as I’ve never eaten beef in my life so why would I want to eat a burger that has the taste and texture of beef and even ‘bleeds’ like meat? (Beet juice – very clever). I’m happy with my veggie burgers made of actual veggies (sweet potato and lentil burger, spicy bean quarter pounder etc) _ However most people on the planet do eat meat because they like the taste so if this #PlantBased burger brand that’s already very popular across the States now has @LeonardoDicaprio teaming up with them – it could be massive – and really change the future of food and that’s an amazing thing. Off the back of the collaboration, it was announced that Beyond Meat would be launching in the UK next year so change is already underway. _ Leo is respected as both an actor and environmentalist so he has a massive platform and influence in a world where most celebrities just care about themselves so it’s great that he’s finally lending his voice to plant-based eating. _ As far as I’m concerned anything to stop innocent, terrified animals being bludgeoned to death in slaughterhouses for people’s momentary taste sensations i.e. a steak or a #BigMac is a good thing. _ I’m #Vegan so my motivation will always be to stop the suffering of animals. Leo is not (yet – hopefully he will #MakeTheConnection soon) so his motivation is saving the environment but the end result is the same. If we can save the planet, we can in turn save the animals living on the planet, not just those being killed for meat but also all of the wild animals suffering the effects of manmade climate change. _ Caption @a_lallie_

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Undoubtedly, DiCaprio’s passion for protecting the environment and offering sustainable living situations for the earth’s populace most likely played a big part in his decision to back Beyond Meat, but given his history of smart investment decisions, it’s hard to imagine that his back of the company is wholly steeped in altruism.

Much like Elon Musk, building sustainable economic models around improving the earth’s environment is a surefire way to get people on-board with positive change much more easily.

Would you be willing to try any of Beyond Meat’s offerings?


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