Despite claims that millennials are killing the cereal industry, cereal-themed restaurants and food items seem to be doing well.

Momofuku Milk Bar’s cereal milk ice cream, with sweetened cereal crunchies is a favorite,  and there are plenty of guides online how to make your own, too.

Then there was the Times Square, cereal milk pop-up shop that debuted in NYC over the summer that was a raging success.

The cereal bar pop up shop was serving up your favorite childhood breakfast classics with a twist. And even though it was only offered for a limited time, plenty of people visited to not only munch on some amazing bowls of truly delicious concoctions, but capture plenty of instagrammable moments.

If you missed out on the Kellogg’s NYC pop-up shop and are feeling bluer than a box of Boo Berry, well you’re in luck.

Because on December 7th, Union Square is opening up a permanent cereal bar that’s five times the size of the original Times Square location, and will have an even larger cereal selection, and an even more instagrammable interior.

Okay so this is by far the sweetest and most unhealthy thing I have eaten in a really long time and I got a stomach ache immediately upon finishing it because holy crap it was so much sugar, but sweet baby Jesus it was so delicious. My brother told me about this place yesterday. I went to the Kellogg's cereal bar and made my own customized bowl. I got Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Honey Smacks, strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, Graham crackers, mini marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, caramel sauce, honey, cookie dough, and almond milk. #cereal #cerealbar #kelloggs #kelloggsnyc #kelloggscereal #timessquare #nyc #newyorkcity #newyork #manhattan #newhome #explore #treatyoself #dessert #sweet #sweettreats #sugar #stomachache #delicious #unhealthy #noregrets #noragrats

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Culinary minds Christina Tosi, along with Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulund were all a part of the previous pop-up shop, so expect some other big names to become a part of the new location. Speaking of which, the prime piece of real estate that’ll house Kellogg’s NYC couldn’t be better situated – it’s right near NYU. So there’ll be throngs of hungry young students who want to snap some candid photos and satisfy their munchies after pulling long study sessions in the vicinity of the impending permanent Kellogg’s NYC location.

The new place will pack an open kitchen where you can watch your cereal baristas craft your perfect bowl, and all of the toppings and garnishes on your cereal will come straight from the Union Square market which is right in the area, so you know that you’re getting some quality grub on top of your everyday breakfast cruncheroos.

First stop on NYC cereal bar tour: Kellogg's NYC. #cereal

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Kellogg’s marketing director Aleta Chase spoke about the cereal manufacturers’ exciting new location. If millennials really are “killing” the cereal industry, Chase doesn’t seem to think so.

“We’re excited people can experience cereal in new ways all the time at our permanent location, versus other pop-ups which we’ve seen can quickly come and go. We’re excited to see how people re-think the possibilities of cereal and how their creations might inspire us to bring new products to life.”

Are you thinking about paying a visit come December? I know I am and If the pop-up shop’s success is any indication, it certainly sounds like there’ll be plenty of people willing to join me. h/t extra cripsy

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