It’s National Corn Chip day, and before you start mouthing off about all tortillas being corn chips I’m gonna stop you right there because although you’re technically right, you’re just being annoying.

When I ask someone if they want corn chips, something like this pops up in their head.

Or, if you grew up in a school district that had the worst snacks vendor in the world, maybe this:

Tortilla chips like Tostitos and Doritos and Santitas don’t count, we’re talking about thick cut, overly salty, ‘Murican corn chips and for the most part, they taste like feet.

Sure, you’ll eat some Dipsy Doodles if you’ve got a hankering for something salty. Usually they’ll come for free with the chopped cheese you ordered at your bodega, or you’ll nab a bag up for 25-cents. You try and forget how bad they taste, but one bite is all you need to remember the horror.

The only way to make plain corn chips palatable is to add some chili and hot cheese sauce to it.

Also known as a Frito Chili Pie. Now the name might sound disgusting, but I assure you, the combination of melted cheese and beef chili with these hard pieces of cornmeal is pretty darn delicious.

You could even crack open a bag and pour the goodness right inside.

#fritochilipie $6.66 it will be gone fast enjoy #yourwelcome

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Not your average bag of #Fritos 🔥 #fritochilipie #tritip

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But if you just want to eat a bag of corn chips without having to worry about all the struggle of putting accoutrements, then you’re going to want to grab the only good, ‘Murican style corn chips on the market.

I’m talking about Fritos Honey BBQ Twists.

The sweet BBQ flavor perfectly offsets the salt-lick consistency of the otherwise nasty Fritos corn chips, plus, they’re a cool little twisty shape.

There really isn’t any other gas station chip in the world, especially when you pair them with a dollar enormous can of iced tea.

First time trying these! #GreenTeaWithAppleJuice #FritosHoneyBBQ

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They’re even making cannabis-infused ones these days.

Which could be a recipe for disaster, I mean, imagine having several of these bags on hand. The munchies, combined with the deliciousness of these bad boys, means there will be no end to the eating/getting ripped in sight.

Now as delicious as these things are, there are some paces they just can’t be put through.

Like this mayo and pepper sandwich.

Struggle food #strugglefood #gottaeat #Food #Fritoshoneybbq @april_marie3

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Oh and adorable dogs love them too, so there’s that.

Rocco's favorite chips are #fritoshoneybbq 🙂

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Then again, I’ve seen dogs eat their own poop and vomit, so what do they know?

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