There are fewer gifts better than a good dessert. Whether you’re saving it for a cheat day, whipping it out for guests to serve with some coffee, or hogging it all to yourself while you binge watch Stranger Things, there are plenty of reasons to be happy with a sweet present.

Even better are when the sweets are homemade and come in cool little reusable containers. Giving an old tupperware isn’t exactly the nicest looking of dessert gift receptacles, so people tend to come up with more inventive no-need-for-return carriers.

And for some reason in the past few years, mason jars have come back in a huge, huge way. I mean hell, restaurants even make chandeliers out of them for some reason. (Probably hipsterism).


But there’s also an obsession with making food in mason jars. You’ve probably seen countless overnight oats recipes on the internet, or gone to baby showers that have mason jars packed with baking ingredients or party favors.

Now mason jars are great for pickling and preserving certain food items, but as it turns out, baking cakes in them aren’t the greatest idea.

Now before you ask yourself, “Who would bake a cake in a mason jar?” and “is that even a thing?” one quick look on social media will prove that yes, it very much indeed is a thing.

Now there’s nothing wrong with baking a cake and assembling the ingredients separately inside a masjon jar, but baking them inside of these popular containers is a terrible, terrible idea.

See, because cakes and breads are very low in acid, when you bake inside of a glass mason jar, it provides the perfect bacterial environment for harmful strains like Clostridium botulinum to flourish and eventually cause full-blown botulism. Which can totally kill you.

Now before you start going into panic mode after seeing mason jar cakes in your favorite bakeries, just know that many large-scale dessert production places use preservatives and go through stringent testing protocols to make sure they’re safe for consumption. Something that Susan from accounting probably isn’t capable of doing out of her home kitchen.

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The University of Georgia published a report that confirms the dangers of baking in mason jars also adding that adding ingredients like produce, fruit, and water will increase bacterial growth. In fact, the study went so far as to say that any home baking in mason jars is generally an awful idea.

“It is best to say these products are not recommended at this time.”

There’s also another hidden danger with baking inside glass: mason jars aren’t designed to withstand high temperatures. Often times the glass cracks and bits of it can end up in your cake.

Ball and Kerr, a huge mason jar manufacturer even went on the record with Country Living saying that baking inside of their jars is a huge no-no.

“The jars are safe to use for home canning recipes, cold or room temperature food storage, crafting, and cold beverages.”

Again, there’s no problem with baking a cake the traditional way with an oven and pan and then cutting it and placing it inside of a mason jar. There is a certain cuteness to be had when you eat something out of a mason jar, it also makes clean up a breeze and it’s a great way to keep your cake moist.

Just make sure you’re not giving yourself botulism to do it.

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