When you think of romantically feeding a loved one a piece of food, you probably don’t imagine seductively placing a dripping hot wing drenched in blue cheese on their lips, or dipping a Reuben in some Russian dressing while giving them bedroom eyes.

Which is probably why this Paris Hilton cheeseburger commercial was roasted so mercilessly when it initially aired.

No, there’s a clear champion when it comes to sexy food, and that bad boy is chocolate.

And it’s not just because the sweet, cocoa-confection is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, it’s also scientifically proven to increase libido in whoever eats it. So if you’re trying to get you and your partner in the mood, chocolate is a good way to go.

But what if there was a piece of chocolate that was even better at making you horny? Well that’s where Cannabis Company 1906 comes in with their High Love chocolates.

high love

Thanks to weed laws becoming increasingly more lenient across the country, companies like 1906 are upping their game and becoming more creative with their offerings. So they developed this aphrodisiac edible that won’t just get you LIT, but it’ll get you rearing to go in the sack as well.

The company’s founder, Peter Barsoom, said in an interview with Munchies that High Love is the product him and his team are the most proud of developing:

“We wanted to give people an alternative to alcohol and pharmaceuticals which provides a more holistic approach to living a more sensual life. Of all our products, we are most proud of High Love. Creating an aphrodisiac product is a significant challenge and humans have been working on it for millennia.”

If the name of the company seems out of left-field – it’s not. 1906 is actually the year cannabis-prohibition was introduced in the United States. It obviously hasn’t stopped people from smoking weed errday, but it has halted the progress of exploring new and inventive ways of utilizing cannabis and developing it to be more potent.

Speaking of potency, one of the biggest drawbacks of edibles is the amount of time it takes for them to hit you. 1906 promises that the effects of the chocolate, both the high and the aphrodisiac, should be felt in about 15-20 minutes.

“We created the formula by studying the research and historical experience of aphrodisiac plant medicines and then spent two years of R&D to find the ideal mix of cannabis and plant medicines based on extensive consumer feedback,” Barsoom said.

The cocktail in High Love sounds like an alluring one. It packs an organic, locally-grown-in-Colorado strain of Blue Dream, along with damiana. Damiana’s a leaf that’s known for its aphrodisiac properties – it’s been helping people getting it on since the Mayan era. Muira puama and catuaba are also in the chocolate to help promote blood flow in your nether regions along with ashwagandha, which is a herb known to increase libido and fertility in men and women.

And since we’re talking about chocolate here, it also contains theobromine, the main aphrodisiac that’s naturally present in all chocolates.

If you’re looking for testimonials, someone at Cosmo tried it and absolutely loved it, but her husband didn’t really feel the effects.

High Love comes in packs of 3, 6, and 12 and start at $20 a box. You can check out more information by visiting 1906’s website here.

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