Dieting is a necessary evil. Unless you’re a marathon runner who’s constantly in training, you probably can’t eat all of the junk food you may want without gaining a significant amount of weight and causing serious harm to your body.

So, you make sacrifices. You try to splurge on designated cheat days. Maybe you cut the donut in half at work and you do a little more cardio when you’ve been especially “bad”. You make healthier choices at lunch or snack time. Or so you think.

Chris Duncan, Australian personal trainer and Fitness Instagrammer decided to compare the sugar content of what people traditionally view as healthy foods with some junk food staples. The results might be a bit disheartening with anyone who may have recently stocked their fridge with “guilt-free” snacks.


“Most people assume that all yoghurt is healthy. But that common misconception is causing people to ingest a lot more sugar than they bargained for. Here I’ve compared the popular choice amongst a lot of gym goers – the Chobani Greek Yoghurt (blueberry version), to the highly demonized Krispy Kreme Doughnut.”

Duncan isn’t saying that the donut is better than eating the Chobani yogurt by any means because there are other nutritional factors to consider before you chomp down on one or the other. Chobani’s packed with protein and probiotics. The donut’s just delicious but isn’t really good for you. That being said, you could be ingesting way more sugar than you should be, especially if you’re downing two or three of these yogurts a day.


You’d think that drinking a glass of orange juice is healthy, but it has more sugar than a plain old milk chocolate bar. Granted it’s got some healthy acids and vitamins in there, but it won’t be doing much for your waist line.


Certain smoothie places (here’s looking at you Jamba Juice) pack way more sugar than regular soft drinks. Obviously, like the case of the yogurt and the donut, these smoothies are are filled with way more nutritional value than mere high-fructose corn syrup sweetened fizzy water, but high sugar diets are associated with all sorts of terrible diseases and ailments. So it’s in your best interest to ingest the stuff sparingly because after all, sugar kills more people than all illegal drugs combined.

Duncan also tackles other “healthy option” myths by comparing popular food options. Like Sweet Potato fries being healthier than regular fries. They technically aren’t, even if sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic index.


And that salad from McDonald’s? You might wanna think twice before dousing it in the pre-packaged salad dressing.


It’s all a little disheartening, isn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be. Just make sure you’re checking the nutritional content of the dishes you’re about to eat and stay away from anything that packs way too much sugar or carbs with some fiber to help you feel full.

You can follow more of Duncan’s diet tips by checking out his Instagram page.

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