It’s National Fried Shrimp Day and I really don’t know how to feel about it. Time was I could go to any diner or restaurant and order a basket full of friend shrimp, squeeze some lemon on that bad boy and just go to town. I mean, the food has a certain appeal.

Getting one of these huge fried seafood and french fry platters looks appetizing, sometimes.

Until you try and come to terms with the fact that Shrimp are just basically ocean cockroaches. Yes, cockroaches of the sea.

Just look at these gross little water aliens flipping and flopping about. Nasty.

And then there are facts about shrimp that make me want to never put another piece of krill in my mouth ever again.

1. They’re super dirty.

26% to 35% of all rejected seafood is comprised of shrimp because it’s too dirty, out of all other types of seafood. Nasty.


2. They’re super delicate to ship.

Shrimp-packing plants are usually not the cleanest of facilities and even if they were, they’re still ridiculously easy to spoil. Oh and some of the imported shrimp we’re eating are raised on pig feces. Yeah.


3. Some antibiotics that make shrimp safe for consumption cause cancer.

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All right so pretty much everything these days, even foods, causes cancer, but the harmful amounts of carcinogens found in shrimp is insane.


Now all of this information is pretty damning and might have you skipping the seafood menu altogether on your next trip the Joe’s Crab Shack. But on the other hand, I mean, it’s fried shrimp.

One could make the argument that deep-frying anything makes it immediately delicious.

Are you really going to give up amazingness like this?

And Boom Boom shrimp???

Or Tempura?

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All right, I’ll probably still stay away from the stuff for the most part, but it’s hard to fault anyone for wanting to eat it, health-risks and general nastiness aside.

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