You are what you eat. It’s a phrase that’s been tossed around about as much as the word “hot” during the peak of Paris Hilton’s cultural relevance.

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But it’s true. There are countless studies that show just how important one’s diet is in determining your level of health and properly-managed eating habits where macro and micro nutrients are closely monitored will ultimately play a huge role in how bad/good you feel.

And although the health claims associated with carefully marketed “superfoods” are oftentimes grossly exaggerated, specific foods can be used to relieve common ailments.

Like insomnia. Believe it or not, these foods pack ingredients that just might help you get to sleep. So before you pop an ambien or take a trip to the ballet, try munching on some of these foods.

1. Walnuts


Packed with tryptophan, the amino-acid responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin, this crunchy snack might help you keep your head on the pillow after you lay it down for the night.


2. Almonds.


Another awesome nut, almonds are loaded with magnesium, a key mineral that contributes to a healthy night’s sleep.


3. Cheese (or other dairy).


Calcium helps regulate muscle movements and produce tryptophan. So if you’re not lactose-intolerant, grab a few cubes of cheese or crack open that Greek yogurt before bed. Just make sure it’s not sweetened as too much sugar before bed is a terrible idea.


4. Tuna.


Halibut, salmon, and tuna all pack tons of B6, a key vitamin that helps to produce serotonin and melatonin. So if you need some extra protein before hitting the hay, crack open that can of tuna and go to work.


5. Rice.


Jasmine rice is high on the glycemic index and helps bring about sleep much faster than other variations. Not ideal for an early lunch, but right before bed? Heck yeah.


6. Cherry juice.


It might not be as commonplace as cranberry or apple juice, and is tarter than you’d expect, but since cherries help naturally boost melatonin, snacking on a bag of cherries or sipping some concentrated juice may help you get some shut eye faster.


7. Cereal.


There might be a reason why your go-to midnight snack is cereal: it’s because that combination of carbs and calcium is  the perfect recipe for getting back to sleep.


8. Honey.


The insulin increase your body experiences after chomping down on some sugary bee-gel helps deliver tryptophan to your brain more easily.


9. Shrimp, lobster, and other ocean insects.


Crustaceans are packed with tryptophan. So they might look like ocean bugs, which is a scary thought that’ll keep you up at night, but eating these bad boys before you go to bed could help you knock out more easily.


10. Elk.


People think that turkey is the best animal protein source to get tryptophan…but that’s not the case. Game meat like elk and venison packs nearly double the amount of the chemical as the Thanksgiving staple, so think about that next time you’re hungry and having trouble getting to bed.


11. Hummus.


This delicious chickpea-based dip is a light and savory way to satisfying your cravings for some slumber-inducing snacks.


12. Kale.


The green superfood, along with spinach and mustard greens are loaded with calcium, which is really important if you’re trying to get some shut-eye.


13. Sweet potatoes.


These orange flavor grenades of starchy-goodness pack tons of muscle-relaxing potassium along with complex carbs that help you drift off into never never land.

Are there are any of your favorite sleep-promoting foods that aren’t on this list? Let us know!

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