We’ve all been there: stone cold drunk and a severe case of the munchies. I know people talk about getting hungry after you smoke weed, but at least after getting high you have a certain level of consciousness when it comes to how bad the food you’re about to eat is.

When you’re drunk, however, there is no standard. A plate of cold chicken fingers slathered in ranch dressing and french fries looks like a plate of perfectly cooked flank steak with a lightly buttered, steamy sweet potato. Or maybe it doesn’t, you don’t really have to think to eat anything when you’re hammered, you just know you want some food in your gullet.

Here are some of Reddit’s recent examples of Drunken Cookery that run the gamut of, uhh…let’s call them creative culinary decisions. Some are surprisingly yummy looking while others are just atrocious.


Drunken mash up of every German thing I could make- Bratwurst, Semmelknödel, Sauerkraut, and Käsespätzle from drunkencookery



Turkey, Kraft singles, cook in oven on high for 7 minutes. Squirt on spicy brown mustard. from drunkencookery



Life has completely fallen apart recently and I couldn’t remember I put a pizza in the oven from drunkencookery



Homemade mac an cheese with bojangles mac an cheese and Doritos from drunkencookery



So it’s curry night. from drunkencookery



Breakfast Nachos aka Still Drunk From Last Night from drunkencookery



Godzirra Beech! Sandwich from drunkencookery



Teriyaki Steak and Baked Potato from drunkencookery



Rackem’s Chicken Salad Sandwich from drunkencookery



Pizza burrito! from drunkencookery



Deep fried chicken bacon swirlz from drunkencookery



Beefy Boi Melt from drunkencookery



Hot sauce on hot dish from drunkencookery



Maple Ham Eggs Benedict, but on donuts, and the hollandaise is infused with coffee. [MIC] from drunkencookery



Grilled cheese with muenster, pepperoni, and ghost pepper chips, with some parsley flakes, because parsley flakes are fancy. [Not pictured: six pack of Blood & Honey and a couple of Shiners] from drunkencookery



Sweet-n-spicy meat sauce over angel hAir pasta. Props goes to Prego and Canadian Club. from drunkencookery



Tater Tot Waffle and Spicy Truffle Honey Butter Chicken [MIC] from drunkencookery



That’s what happen when I’m drunk; Instant ramen with fried spam and 2 eggs on top from drunkencookery



Poor mans Taco Bell 🌮 from drunkencookery



This drink at I from drunkencookery



Did some day drinking today and when I got back I made these. Green Chilaquiles w/ sunny side eggs and half avocado. Garnished with green onions, cilantro, cotija cheese and Mexican cream. from drunkencookery

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