When you’re drunk and have the munchies you’re not going to let anything get in the way of you putting a meal in your belly.

Even if the staff and your friendly neighborhood Waffle House is passed out asleep.

That’s what happened with Alex Bowen after slamming down a few vodka-sprites when he wandered into the popular chain restaurant.

In an interview with Munchies, the former soldier told of his hilarious tale and decision to take his hankering for a cheesesteak into his own hands.

“I had a few vodka and Sprites, headed to the Waffle House. When I got there, no one in sight, I waited about ten minutes, went outside to look around. Came back in to check to see if anyone came—no one.”


Alex proceeded to the kitchen and scrounged for ingredients, getting everything he needed to make himself a delicious sandwich all himself.


To hear him tell it, it couldn’t have turned out any better.

“I knew that delicious Texas bacon cheesesteak melt was just a few feet away, so I took spatula in hand and made it happen. And it was wonderful…”

The best part is that he didn’t leave a mess behind, either. After using the kitchen he cleaned up after himself and even came back the next day to give an employee five bucks for his drunken dining experience.


Thankfully for us, Bowen’s inebriated-self knew that documenting the entire thing with photographs and sharing the story with social media was a necessary joy to share with the world.

The fact that his face shares the same plastered expression in all of the pictures just really pulls the entire journey together.


What a Waffle House legend. Someone at corporate better give this man a gift card.


Or maybe a thank-you card for not robbing the franchise blind while its employees slept.

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