If you’ve ever been to a county fair smack dab in the middle of nowhere, chances are you’ve come across one of these monstrosities:

getting a jump start on my winter bod with a #krispykremeburger

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Yes, the Krispy Kreme donut burger, with bacon, and oftentimes, cheese.

Now I don’t know about you, but that combination sounds absolutely disgusting to me. I mean, not only is it a calorie bomb just waiting to detonate and destroy any semblance of a diet you tried adhering to before eating it, it replaces enriched white bread patties with something that’s infinitely more unhealthy.

OK, I’m not gonna lie I’ve always wanted to try one, no matter how much my mind tells me it’s terrible for you, because, well, just look at the darn thing.

YOLO! #KrispykremeBurger #Dontknockittilutryit! #Yes! #SoGood!

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Well it looks like your local county fair doesn’t have a monopoly of weird food combinations any longer, because Disney World’s got a secret menu and on that secret menu is a secret burger. And courtesy of the peeps at the Disney Food Blog, you get to take a gander at it.

The suspense is killing you, I know, but behold and gaze upon the glory that is Disney World’s Cinnamon Bun Burger.

disney food blog

The mad-creative minds at the Disney kitchen sliced a ginormous cinnamon bun in half and smacked a a huge beef patty topped with white american cheese and candied bacon for good measure.

disney food blog

In case that wasn’t enough for you, the burger comes with fries and coleslaw. Oh and yes, that’s gooey icing on top of the cinnamon bun. They’re not playing around.

disney food blog

Disney Food Blog discovered the secret menu after looking through an old-school viewmaster that was presented to them by a manager. You get a meeting with the manager by asking a cast member at the Roxy counter about the secret menu. The whole thing is wild.

Well, almost as wild as this burger.

disney food blog

The patties themselves aren’t much different from other burgers at Disney World: pretty overdone.

disney food blog

And the entire thing is a hopeless mess trying to eat it without getting it all over your hands.

disney food blog

That’s not all, there’s also poutine and a monstrous chili cheese dog on the secret menu as well.

But the burger’s sweet-and-salty combo is the real star of the show, I mean, after all, it’s a giant Cinnamon Bun Burger for crying out loud.

If you want to see someone actually scarf down this secret goodness, you can check out these guys doing it on YouTube here.

Wow, I need alka seltzer just watching this.

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