I don’t care who you are or what kind of foods you’re into, and no matter what you say or how much you may argue against it, if you tell me that you’re not into cookies and milk, I’m going to think there’s something wrong with you.

We know, from a very young age, just how powerful cookies are. We reach for the jar when our parents aren’t looking. We behave because our parents promise to give us one if we just shut up for a second.

Hell, even Kourtney Kardashian is obsessed with cookies, look at her stacking skills here.


But today’s national cookie day, and sorry Kourtney, but this story isn’t about you. We’ve got bigger cookies to crumble…and they’re the cookies themselves.

Now there are tons of different types of cookies, and people are celebrating their love for them on Twitter.

1. Whether it’s people referencing happy cookie-loving characters.

2. Or sharing awesome concoctions, like this “Brookie”.


3. Some people gave PSA’s against oatmeal raisin.

Which I personally find ludicrous, oatmeal raisin is amazing.

4. The holiday isn’t just for humans…

5. And if you can’t wait for the newestΒ Star Wars film to finally drop, maybe you can just chow down on these bad boys?

6. “These cookies were made for eatin’…”


7. But yeah, seriously, dogs are obsessed with them.

8. As is Taraji P. Henson.

9. Some businesses were giving out free sweets to commemorate the special day.

10. The power of the cookie can inspire us to commit inspiring feats.

11. The New York Public Library even drafted up a collection of literary-themed desserts. Of course cookies are in there.

12. Some repped their love for the US Military with their cookies.

13. If you’re vegan and don’t want to miss out on the cookie love, here’s a yummy recipe.

14. The verdict is in: these cookies look delicious.

15. The JFK library even shared a Kennedy White House cookie recipe in honor of the day.

16. And this ‘Phantom’ cookie GIF is absolutely mesmerizing.

17. Even Orcs have a sweet tooth.

18. Wegmans offered a little behind-the-scenes footage of its cookie decorating.

19. And, of course, National Cookie Day wouldn’t be complete without a cat dressed up as the Cookie Monster chilling on a couch.


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