Honey BBQ Fritos Are The Only Corn Chips, All Others Are Trash

It’s National Corn Chip day, and before you start mouthing off about all tortillas being corn chips I’m gonna stop you right there because although you’re technically right, you’re just being annoying. When I ask someone if they want corn chips, something like this pops […]

We Need To Talk About Cheap Chinese Food Buffets

It’s National Buffet Day. I don’t know why the day after New Year’s is National Buffet Day unless it’s to just wean out the Resolutioners from those who are truly resolved to make a dent in their waistlines. I mean why else would the holidays […]

11 Candy Cane Flavors That Are Just Abominations

The day after Christmas, December 26th, is National Candy Cane day and for good reason. Chances are after the holiday you’ve got an abundance of these minty treats lying around. There’s a lot of history behind the humble Candy Cane. They originally were just white […]

Why Do People Hate Christmas Fruitcake So Much?

It seems like a running gag in TV shows and cartoons is to have someone turn up their nose whenever fruit cake is mentioned. It was a Christmas episode joke staple in the ’90s. The stuff gets such a bad wrap that even┬áThe Huffington Post […]

7 Hard Candies That You Should Throw Directly In The Trash

It’s National Hard Candy day, so by all means celebrate them by picking up a wonderful assortment of deliciously suckable treats. I’d suggest getting those guava hard candies you can pick up from most Asian supermarkets. One of my A&P lab mates brought me one […]

9 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Honey

Honey’s one of the most versatile sweeteners available in nature. You could use it to replace sugar in just about any recipe, and not only does it work, but in some instances, it makes them turn out even better. Honey goes great on pancakes, is […]

Why Do We Put Popcorn On A String For Christmas?

Christmas is full of weird food traditions that many people don’t know the origins of. The connection between mounds of food and holidays is an easy one to make. In pretty much every culture an abundance of food is a sign of wealth and happiness, […]