How Has It Taken Humanity This Long To Make A Coffee Cup Doughnut?

When it comes to drinking coffee, we’ve come up with all sorts of whacky concoctions. Remember Starbucks’ Zombie Frappucino? I could probably dedicate a list to all of the weird and terrible coffee beverages that have debuted in the past couple of years, but there […]

These Chocolate Edibles Will Improve Your Sex Life

When you think of romantically feeding a loved one a piece of food, you probably don’t imagine seductively placing a dripping hot wing drenched in blue cheese on their lips, or dipping a Reuben in some Russian dressing while giving them bedroom eyes. Which is […]

12 People Share The Saddest Meals They Ever Had

People usually go all out when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Days of preparation, careful attention to not overcook the turkey, a hefty selection of desserts and side dishes: the holiday’s all about getting the biggest, most impressive spread put together. But sometimes, Thanksgiving doesn’t […]