This Milk Promises To Put You To Sleep

Since I didn’t grow up on a farm in the ’30s, I never gulped down a cup of warm milk to help me get to bed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know about that age-old remedy for sleeplessness. Apparently there’s been a global rise […]

There’s A $110-Million Bet You’ll Drink ‘Pea Milk’

Either everything in the world has a pair of secret nipples, or scientists are coming up with cleverer and cleverer ways of deriving milk from just about any food. And sure, the idea of drinking “milk” that’s not really milk might be gross to some, […]

Drink Your Own Face With This ‘Selfieccino’

I, like many people on this Green Earth, love drinking coffee. It could be a variety of different kinds. From the hipster almond-milk lattes I pick up from my local cool coffee shop, complete with people mashing away at $2k Macbooks on useless drivel that […]