If you’ve ever read the Harry Potter series you know that J.K. Rowling takes food very, very seriously.

There are all sorts of deliciousness going on in the pages of her instant classics and they all sound amazing. From Chocolate Frogs, to Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, it’s difficult to get through a couple of chapters in the Potter series without getting a bit peckish.

One of the most popular foods, and one that they actually serve at the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is butterbeer.

The butterscotch goodness in ButterBeer is a flavor profile that goes well for a beverage, but what about something that’s a tad more, I don’t know, spreadable?

If that sounds like something that tickles your fancy, then you should be happy to know that the peeps at XO Marshmallows have taken their Butterbeer-flavored snacks into a new variant of fluffernutter.

I know, it sounds amazing.

xo marshmallow

I mean maybe you’re ahead of the game and have been making your own Butterbeer fluff by boiling up some bags of XO’s Butterbeer Marshmallows, but in case potion mixing really isn’t your thing, they’re now selling pre-packaged jars of the stuff.

What’s great about Fluffernutter is just how versatile it is. Want to make Butterbeef s’mores? Dip a blob into your hot chocolate for a warm, Potter-themed winter drink? Maybe you want to just replace your cupcake frosting with a healthy dose of Butterbeef fluffernutter? There’s tons of possibilities to use this stuff and because it’s made with clean and natural ingredients like 100% cane sugar, egg whites, non-high fructose corn syrup, cream of tartar, brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and XO’s special Butterbeer flavoring extract, you won’t get that sickly, sugar-tummy ache if you happen to over-indulge. Your waistline won’t thank you, but hey, it sounds like a perfect cheat day indulgence for any true Potterhead.

xo marshmallow

You can buy Butterbeer OMG (Ooey Marshmallow Goodness) for $8 or $18. The higher price comes with gluten-free graham crackers, a perfect companion to the delicious treat. Order it here.

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