If there’s one thing America has an abundance of, its food. And because we’re animals at our core, overeating is a pretty darn easy thing to do. If you put a fox in a hen house, that fox is gonna get fat. Put a ton of fish food inside your goldfish’s bowl and it will literally eat itself to death. There’s a reason why more people in America die of obesity than drug overdoses, save for cigarette smoking, but over-eating is coming close.

Kevin and Lindsey Minnick are two siblings who had difficulties maintaining their weight, like some 30% of Americans who are obese.

Kevin’s weight gain began after he got into a motorcycle accident that sidelined him from physical activity. He eventually put on a whopping 110lbs. His sister Lindsey’s weight gain started after she enrolled in college and succumbed to the Freshmen 15, and the number on the scale just kept going up.

Lindsey realized how unhappy she was with her weight gain on a trip to Las Vegas.

“I remember being at the pool and being so super self-conscious; I was the biggest girl (there). I am only 5’3″ and I am over 200 pounds. This is not healthy,” she said in an interview with TODAY.

Lindsey was at a loss, however, because she didn’t know how to tackle the seemingly impossible task of shedding pounds. She spoke to Kevin’s girlfriend, Megan about it, who suggested Lindsey try Weight Watchers and it worked.

2 months later and Lindsey saw results: she was 20 pounds lighter. Kevin eventually joined the program as well after he started eating the same meals as Megan. He stopped eating junk food after hitting 315lbs and replaced the junk with fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

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After getting their diet in order, next up was physical fitness, which Kevin wasn’t a fan of. Lindsey loved spin class and made sure Kevin came along with her. Their sibling rivalry helped keeping them getting to the gym even on the days when they didn’t feel like it.

“There is something to be said for the competition that someone doing it with you brings to the journey. If I wanted to not work out and I saw Megan and Kevin working out, I was definitely hitting the gym even when I didn’t want to,” Lindsey told Popsugar.

The siblings have run the gamut of fitness activities too: from barre classes to pilates, along with running and strength training, they mixed it up on their path to healthier, fitter lives.

Kevin is now down a whopping 89lbs and Lindsey dropped 53, with Kevin’s girlfriend Megan and Lindsey’s husband losing 36 and 40lbs respectively, too.

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To push themselves forward while simultaneously patting themselves on the back, Kevin and Lindsey keep reminders of how much weight they lost by keeping clothes they wore at the height of their obesity.

Lindsey still holds on to a pair of old shorts that she’s now swimming in. Kevin has a belt that he has to keep putting notches in so he’ll fit into it.

The two stressed how important a support system was for their weight loss journey:

“I don’t even think that you can express how important it is to have a support system that understands what you are going through when you are feeling rough.”

The two don’t just eat right and work out – they also have regular meetings where they discuss weight loss goals, recipes and new workouts.

The biggest upside for them isn’t just the ever-decreasing number on the scale, however, it’s the complete change in lifestyle. Before they began health-obsessed, their weekend consisted of beer and Jeopardy.

“We are just more active and more outgoing and more wanting to do stuff rather than sitting down and being bumps on a log.”

No offense to Trebek, but that sounds like a way better use of two days off.

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