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This Milk Promises To Put You To Sleep

Since I didn’t grow up on a farm in the ’30s, I never gulped down a cup of warm milk to help me get to bed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know about that age-old remedy for sleeplessness. Apparently there’s been a global rise […]

There’s A $110-Million Bet You’ll Drink ‘Pea Milk’

Either everything in the world has a pair of secret nipples, or scientists are coming up with cleverer and cleverer ways of deriving milk from just about any food. And sure, the idea of drinking “milk” that’s not really milk might be gross to some, […]

Honey BBQ Fritos Are The Only Corn Chips, All Others Are Trash

It’s National Corn Chip day, and before you start mouthing off about all tortillas being corn chips I’m gonna stop you right there because although you’re technically right, you’re just being annoying. When I ask someone if they want corn chips, something like this pops […]

We Need To Talk About Cheap Chinese Food Buffets

It’s National Buffet Day. I don’t know why the day after New Year’s is National Buffet Day unless it’s to just wean out the Resolutioners from those who are truly resolved to make a dent in their waistlines. I mean why else would the holidays […]